1.Nursing Foundations Laboratory
2.Midwifery Skill Laboratory
3.Nutrition Laboratory
4.Pediatric (Child Health) Nursing Laboratory
5.Community Health Nursing Laboratory

This is perhaps the most primary and essential Department. Here students are given practical insights through training which incorporates various biological and behavioral sciences that determine nursing and patient care. The Department of Nursing Foundations Laboratory is where students set a practical orientation of various nursing procedures. This is conducted under keen supervision by qualified teachers. These procedures are repeated many times before the orientation in the clinical area. The laboratory has advanced facilities that include a computerized mannequin used to simulate nursing procedures.

Midwifery Skill Laboratory

Here, the role of the nurse is that of a midwife. Therefore all the skills necessary to administer nursing care to mothers through the maternity cycle and delivery are taught. An understanding of the female reproductive health process enables them to provide comprehensive care to women who are prone to high risk during pregnancy. The Institute enables Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate nurses to acquire sufficient nursing knowledge in every area to function as an effective member of a versatile health team that plays a variety of roles in nursing and patient care.

Nutrition Laboratory:

Nutrition is yet another special attention area in nursing. Here, students are taught the fundamentals of preparing various types of diets. They learn to differentiate between a wide variety of diet patterns recommended for ailments such as diabetes, renal problems, hypertension etc. This enables them to guide patients with regard to their specific dietary requirements. The Nutrition Laboratory has every facility required to demonstrate, prepare and deliver various therapeutic diets.

Pediatric (Child Health) Nursing Laboratory

This unique Department deals with the art and science of caring for newborn children and those up to the age of 14 years. The orientation in this delicate process is provided by senior staff at the ‘Well Baby Clinic’ and ‘Under Five Clinic’ and also at the regular child health OPDs. The advanced facilities include Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU and a General Pediatric Ward. Nursing students are exposed to a wide gamut of childcare through these facilities.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory

This Department prepares students to undertake the socially conscious task of providing healthcare to both rural and urban communities. Students are taught to recognize the importance of health, prevention of disease and promotion of positive health.

An experienced staff provides excellent theoretical and practical orientation to students. They are guided to provide care to the individuals, families, and communities at work places by incorporating epidemiological principles to prevent diseases, promote health and restore health. Students also participate in government programs.

The Institute has the distinction of being one of the rare few in the country to offer Post-Graduate education in Community Health Nursing.