1. A comparative study to assess the problems associated with menopause among working and non-working women of selected area of belagavi-Bhat
  2. A descriptive study to assess the knowledge regarding management of birth asphyxia among the staff nurses working in labour room and NICU-Jagadeesh AJNER
  3. A descriptive study to assess the level of knowledge on behavioral problems of school children among diploma in education students in selected colleges of belgaum-khande
  4. A study to evaluate the effectiveness of chilled cabbage leaves application for relief of breast engorgement in volunteered postnatal mothers who are admitted-Joy J, Kharde SN
  5. Complications of Instrumental delivery and their management-2015 geni
  6. Councelling skills for the nurse in disaster-ashok
  7. Depression, Anxiety, Stress among primi postnatal mothers in a view to develop health education pamphlet-kole u
  8. Effectiveness of a structured conselling program on the knowledge of self-care behavious and coping strategies among HIV infected post-natal mothers-Raddi S
  9. Effectiveness of planned teaching program (PPT) on knowledge regarding management of selected obstetric emergencies among final year GNM students of selected school of Heikham
  10. Effectiveness of Selected Relaxation Excercises on reducing premenstrual syndrome symptoms among girls-Danila
  11. First Stage Labour among final year GNM students-Devangmath
  12. Hazards of Plastic use among Adolescent students-Jabade
  13. International Multidisciplinary Research journal-madhale PD
  14. Knowledge about management of neonatal jaundice among nursing students-shrishail
  15. Knowledge regarding complications of Instrumental delivery and their management among final year B.Sc. Nursing studentsof a selected nursing college-Heikham
  16. Pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences-Asha
  17. Prevention of motor vehical accidents-Chrostina
  18. Randomized control trial to access the efficacy of dry ginder powder on management of hausea and vomiting among antenatal mothers attending selected urban-devangamath Raddi s
  19. Substance abuse among adolescents-veeresh v
  20. To assess the knowldge regarding nocturnal enuresis among mothers of children admitted in selected hospitals, view to develop self instructional module-Hubballi J
  21. To assess the knowledge regarding reproductive health among the Female College Students-murgod SS
  22. To assess the knowledge regarding Teacheostomy Care among the staff nurses working at KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore hospital and MRC, belgaum, karnataka with a view to develoPatil H
  23. Video-assisted demonstration program on Knowledge and practise regarding maintainance of Asepsis in Labor room-Suvarna
  24. Women empowerment through education in karnataka-madhale m