Nurses Week Celebration

Nurses Week Celebration


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Nurse’s day is celebrated on 12th may in accordance with the birthday of the founder of modern nursing Ms Florence Nightingale. The nurse’s week was completely celebrated in a different way amidst the lockdown due to covid-19 and maintaining all social distance norms. Various events were conducted by the SNA of KAHER Institute of Nursing sciences Belagavi. The events were conducted from 18 may 2020 up to 23 may 2020.

Events such as essay writing competition was held on 18 may 2020 through Cisco webex meeting app where students were supervised by faculty and sna members later they had to scan and email their essays to the respected judges. The topic was on “Nurses as frontline warriors.”

On the 19 may 2020 we had the poem writing competition which was held similar to essay writing competition on the topic “My journey as a student nurse.”

There were 2 competitions held on 20 may 2020, one was the juggling competition and the other the poster competition. For the juggling competition students were asked to whatsapp their videos of themselves juggling without editing the video. The poster competition was conducted on the Cisco webex meeting app and students were later asked to whatsapp the picture of their posters.

May 2020 wherein the students use their creativity to make the best from waste. It was such a wonderful experience to watch students create amazing stuff from waste. They had 2 minutes to present their items and send in a short video and picture of what their final product looked like.


A solo singing competition was held for our melodious voices. The video was sent on whatsapp with a time limit of 1min 30 sec After all it was pleasant listening o the voices. The competition was held on 22 May 2020 which included in both English and Hindi languages.

The same day simultaneously there was painting competition for students to speak through their colours; which was held on Cisco webex meeting app and later the pictures of their painting was sent to the respected judges. The last day of the event on 23 May 2020 we had the solo dance and photography competition.


The solo dance competition videos were sent to the judges through whatsapp. The photography.

competition had a theme of indoor photography #stayhomephotography where students were asked to do indoor photography and not outdoors the photograph were emailed to the respective judges.

It was a great, wonderful and completely new concept of conducting the nurse’s week event online but still there was great participation from the students and also everything was managed and conducted very well and decently with the help of our SNA advisors and faculty members. The entire event was very thrilling and students participated with full enthusiasm.