Broucher on Infant & Young Child Feeding

Syllabus on Infant & Young Child Feeding

Value added course on National guidelines on Infant and Young Child feeding

Department of Child Health Nursing

Class: 3rd year B.Sc(N)                                                  

Theory  Hours   : 15 hrs

Practical Hours: 15 hrs

Course Description:

This add on course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills for feeding of infant and young children’s.

This add on course can be taken in addition to the current degree especially for UG ( B.Sc. Nursing III year) students. Such a short course helps to update student’s knowledge and skills. This course is a great way to fill the gaps in knowledge and give competitive edge.


  1. Promote, protect, and support exclusive breastfeeding for the first months of life, with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years and beyond.
  2. Ensure nutritionally adequate and safe complementary feeding from 6 months of life while breastfeeding continues.
  3. Support Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) services while promoting optimal IYCF in HIV-exposed children.
  4. Strengthen the care, support, and follow-up services for pregnant women, mothers and caretakers in order to practice optimal IYCF.
  5. Enhance optimal IYCF in other exceptionally difficult circumstances.
  6. Advocate for appropriate interventions that promote and support the practice of optimal IYCF for all women, including employed mothers.
  7. Contribute to the prevention and reduction of childhood and maternal malnutrition, illness and death.

Sr No.HoursUnit No.Name of the unit
1.02Unit I

Infant and Young child Feeding

·        Introduction

·        Policy Initiatives

·        Major causes of underfive children

·        Global Strategy for Infant and Young and Child Feeding(IYCF)

2.05Unit II

IYCF technical guidelines

·        Breastfeeding

·        Complementary feeding

·        HIV and Infant feeding

·        Special situations

3.03Unit III

Feeding in preterm / low birth weight infants

4.03Unit IV

Interventions For Promoting IYCF Practices In Health System

·        Protection

·        Promotion

·        Support

5.02Unit V

Promotion of IYCF in a health facility

·        During and after Instittutional Deliveries

·        Inpatient services for children

·        Outpatient services for pregnant women , mothers and children

Scheme of Examination:                            Grading of Marks

Written Examination30 marks
Assignment10 marks
Clinical skills10 marks
Total50 marks


Types of question paper for the test

  1. MCQ’s :

20 MCQ’s X 1 mark =20 marks

  1. Short essays :

2 short essays X 5 marks=10 marks

  • At the end of the course a test will conducted to assess the performance and acquired knowledge and skills.
  • In order to pass a candidate should obtain at least 50% marks respectively in class assignment, clinical skills and the test of this course.


Demonstration by teacherDemonstration by student


·        Advantages of breastfeeding

·        Early initiation of breastfeeding

·        Exclusive breastfeeding

·        Counselling for breastfeeding during pregnancy


2. Complimentary feeding

·        Importance of complimentary feeding

·        Attributes of an ideal complimentary food

·        Types of complimentary food

·        Complimentary feeding regimen

·        Frequency of feeding


3. Feeding in exceptionally difficult    conditions

·        Pre-term/low birth weight infants

·        Feeding during emergencies

·        Feeding during maternal HIV