A Library is the Heart of an Institution of learning. It is a Temple of Knowledge; a well stocked Library is a sine quo non of an educational Institution. A place enthusiastic love to visit and reap benefits.

Our Library Jnana Bhandar is a spacious, planned and well furnished. It houses UG and PG Reading Room, Digital Library, News paper section.

Our College Library has a stock of rare collection of Reference Books, Text Books of general interest to cater to the diverse testes of our enthusiastic students and learned members of the staff. There are current Journals, Bound volumes of journals, Video Cassettes which help our Readers to update their knowledge. Latest Books and Journals are added to our stock every year as per the demand of our students and recommendation of our staff. Our library staff is always there to help and guide our users. Our general Reading is kept open for 12 hours a day.


Total Numbers of Books.11514
Total Numbers of Titles5166
Total No. of Thesis222
Total No. of ProjectsUG = 205  PG = 93 = Total : 298
Total Numbers of Journals26
Total Numbers of E-Journals (PROQUEST)1543
Total Numbers of  Bound-Volumes139
Total Numbers of Video cassettes20
Budget for the year 2021-20221800000
Total Built-up Area5281.25 Sq.ft
Total Seating Capacity170


1Dr. Prof. Sudha. A. RaddiPrincipal-Chairman
2Prof.Sumitra L.A.Member
3Dr.Prof.Sangeeta K.Member
4Prof.Preeti BhupaliMember
5Assoc. Prof Ashok KamatMember
6Assoc. Prof.Veeresh N.Member
7Asst. Prof. Namrata  D.Member
8Asst. Prof Shubharani M.Hostel In charge
9Mr. Harish D.IT Dept.
10Mr. Siddaramayya G.Lib Asst.
11Mrs. Surekha A. HittanagiMember-Secretary


    1. Department Library Service.
    2. Student book-bank service.
    3. Binding of Books & Journal is being done in the library.
    4. Xerox Copying Facility
    5. Digital Library Facilities.
    6. Digital Library with Internet Connection to all the computers
    7. Computers: Facility, E-Mail & Internet Facility
    8. C.C.T.V. Monitoring
    9. Institutional Reprosarity
    10. Helinet E-Journals consists of database (RGUHS J -GATE)
    11. Institutional Repository of KLE Academy Of Higher Education and Research (Dissertations, Thesis and Question Papers. )
    12. Reference Books & E-Books
    13. Drug information


1Mrs. Surekha A. Hittanagi (MLISC)Asst. Librarian
2Mr. Manoj G. Shaldar (DLib. Sci)Library. Asst
3Mr. Siddaramayya S. Gudimath (CLib)Library. Asst
4Mr. Shivanand M. Sattigeri (S.S.L.C)Peon
5Mrs. Vijayalami SadalgiPeon


  • Absolute silence must be maintained in the library any attempt by the reader to disturb or distract the attention of the readers is strictly prohibited.
  • Sitting/standing and talking near & inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  • The Library will be kept open on all working days from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Exam time will be kept open 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.
  • All the library members should register their Name/Class & Roll Number, at the time of entry into the library user’s register maintained at the entrance of the library.
  • Every student/Member must produce his/her Identity cards at the     entrance/counter.
  • Users should deposit their belongings (aprons, jackets, on Books etc) in the property counter at their own risk.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the library premises. If found using penalty Rs.500 will be charged.
  • The library has a General Book Bank facility for UGs. To avail this facility the student should enroll himself/herself as a member by paying an annual fee of Rs. 100/- only in the college office. His/her library membership remains valid for on full academic year but expires in July 31st
  • The users UGs students are entitled to take one book home issue for a period of 7 days between 9am to 5pm.
  • Reference Books and Periodicals are not issued, they are meant for Reference only
  • Every Borrower is expected to treat the Book with respect and not to damage by marking in the books, tearing of pages. The library decorum must be maintained.
  • Smoking, eatables and drinks are strictly prohibited.
  • Misbehavior with anyone (especially lady students) including the library staff would be a serious offence.
  • As per National/International copyright rule prior permission of the author/editors is inevitable and compulsory before Xeroxing of Books & Journals.
  • The interns are permitted to use the library for reference only.   Identity   card is compulsory.
  • Readers’ cards are non-transferable.
  • Readers are not allowed to bring their personal books or any printed material inside the Library.
  • Bags, aprons or other belonging are not allowed inside the library. Such articles are to be left in the property counter provided in the library. Users are advised not to keep their valuable in the property counter. The library accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any articles so left.
  • Readers are advised not to leave their precious and valuable items like money, passport. Credit card etc. at the Property Counter.
  • Readers should not write in, mark and scratches and disfigure damage books or furniture of the Library or else they will be liable for punishment in form of penalty which will be double to cost of damage item
  • All books/journals and other library materials are to be used with care.
  • Ragging in any form anywhere in the library premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Books/Periodicals issued for Reference / Xeroxing purpose should be returned for within a hour, falling which a fine @Rs 100/- per hour will be charged.


  • Library books are issued only for one week. At a time only one book will be issued.
  • In case the library book is already issued and any students want to issue the same he/she can reserve the book at the circulation counter.
  • Reference books, thesis and dissertations and bound journals are never issued.
  • Dissertations/Thesis are not allowed to make photocopies & Xeroxing
  • Borrowed books must be returned on or before the due date.
  • If a book, while under issue, is found to be damaged or lost the member is held responsible.


  1. Fine will be charged for the book s returned after the due date as follows.
    • 5 per day per book till 7 days after the due date.
    • 10 per day per book till return of books.
  1. Library book / book bank if lost, the concerned student has to replace bookby latest edition or to pay double the latest cost


09.00 am to 06.00 pm, All Working Days

During Exam Time- 09.00 am to 09.00 pm

Sunday open at Central Library JNMC


Total no of journals-26

  1. UG’s = 434
  2. PG’s=40
  3. GNM=260

Total No. of Users = 734