Value Added Course on Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Total Duration: 30 Hours.

Theory: 15 Hours.

Practical: 15 Hours.

Course description:

Psychosocial Rehabilitation focuses on the concept of recovery and utilizes the PSR approach to keep the person with mental illness at the centre of all interventions. It is grounded in the notion of recovery and self-determination (empowerment) for individuals with severe and persistent mental-illness.
This course explores the ways and means of how psychosocial/psychiatric rehabilitation can assist the individual and the mental health system in achieving recovery. This course focuses on core concepts of psychiatric rehabilitation, psychiatric rehabilitation models and methods, and some of the key competencies for working in a psychiatric rehabilitation environment.

Learning objectives:

During this course, students will

  • Acquire and/or enhance their ability to apply critical thinking through an understanding of the theoretical, philosophical and applied nature of PSR.
  • Gain a familiarity with mental health services’ utilization of PSR practices and/or opportunity for growth in PSR practice.
  • Become familiar with some of the key methods available to assist individuals with mental illness in their recovery process.
  • Understand the core competencies required to successfully practice PSR.


  • Successful completion of the Introduction to Mental Health course and/or be a health professional with current experience in the mental health field.

Course content:

Content covered in this course includes:

Sr.NoName of the topicTheory HoursPractical Hours.
1.Defining mental illness, stigma and resiliency02 Hour
2.Course, outcome and treatment of mental illness02 Hours02 Hours
3.Family involvement: a shifting paradigm02 Hours02 Hours
4.Foundations of PSR01 Hours02 Hours
5.PSR methods and models02 Hours02 Hours
6.Strengths model: framework and application01 Hours01 Hours


·        Ethical decision-making

·        Communications: one-to-one

·        Communications: group work/advocacy

·        Communications: written documentation

·        Goal setting

·        Direct skills

·        Community mapping and networking

05 Hours06 Hours

Learning resources:

Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Instruction method:

  • Independent study
  • Instructor-supported

Assignments and due dates:

  • 4 assignments
  • 1 exam
  • practicum


Minimum grade to pass is 50 percent.