Broucher on Psychiatric Rehabilitation


Value added course on Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Department of Mental Health Nursing

Class: P.P.B.Sc(N)                                                     Total Hours: 15 hours

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Unit No.

Name of the unit



Unit I

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

·        Introduction

·        Definition

·        Principles

·         Approaches to psychiatric rehabilitation

·        Types of Rehabilitation

·        Rehabilitation Team



Unit II

Steps involved in psychiatric rehabilitation

·        Assessment

Ø The Individual

Ø The Family

Ø The Community

·        Planning and implementation

Ø The Individual

Ø The Family

Ø The Community

·        Evaluation

Ø Patient evaluation

Ø Program evaluation



Unit III

Vocational Rehabilitation




Unit IV

Rehabilitation Services Available in India



Signature of HOD                                                           Dean, Faculty of Nursing

                                                                              Principal, Institute of Nursing Sciences,


Faculty of Nursing, KAHER, Belagavi.

Item No.1: Value added courses on Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Need/Purpose of the proposed change/item: The aim of rehabilitation is to maximize the potential to restore a person who has an impairment, or an incapacity for service or work, as a result of a service injury or disease to at least the same physical and psychological state, and at least the same social, vocational and educational status, as he or she had before the injury or disease."

Explanation: The main focus of rehabilitation is on:

1.Achieving as full a physical and psychological recovery as possible;

2.Improving quality of life through gaining life management skills, a sense of direction for the future and resilience.

3.Rebuilding social connectedness to family and community.

4.Finding a new valued role within the community.

5.Learning to understand and self-manage physical and mental health conditions to the best of the person’s ability.

6.Assisting the person to return to safe and meaningful work at the earliest possible time to minimize further harm to physical and mental health and wellbeing through long term absence from employment.

7.Reducing the human and economic cost of disability for their families and the broader community.

Course Description:

This value added course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills for psychiatric rehabilitation.

 This value added course can be taken in addition to the current degree especially for UG ( B.Sc. Nursing III year) students. Such a short course helps to update student’s knowledge and skills. This course is a great way to fill the gaps in knowledge and give competitive edge.

Instruction for course completion

  1. The student’s attendance must not be less than 80% of the theory and practical hours.
  2. The students must upgrade the required skills to be revised through this course.

Method of evaluation

  • Theoretical content will be evaluated by written examinations and class participation
  • Clinical skills will be recorded and documented; the clinical skills will be evaluated for the final grade.
  • Grades will be assigned based on scores. Exams are worth 50 marks. Clinical instructor grades the papers, but the points determine the grade in the entire course.

Scheme of Examination:

Written Examination

30 marks


10 marks

Psychiatric  skills

10 marks


50 marks











Types of question paper for the test

  1. MCQ’s :

          10 MCQ’s X 1 mark =10 marks

  1. Short essays :

           4 short essays X 5 marks=20 marks

  • At the end of the course a test will conducted to assess the performance and acquired knowledge and skills.
  • In order to pass a candidate should obtain at least 50% marks respectively in class assignment, clinical skills and the test of this course.