KLE University’s Institute of Nursing Sciences strives at the overall development of its students in addition to the complete training in the field of Nursing; so that the students can take up challenges when they move on to their professional life. Our students continue to excel from day to day, and this is as a result of our dedicated and determined teachers and supporters. We are pleased with the progress our students have made in adapting to the realities of our new learning environment that is founded on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. We are a community that inspires our students to grow in mind, heart, body, and spirit.

According to our Vision Statement, our desire is to create and maintain a environment with resources to provide quality education for all students enabling them to contribute to national development and competing effectively in a global economy. The college would be regularly sharing the achievements and also seek views of alumni in implementing new ideas found feasible by the Board of Management, KLE Society and officials of KLE University.